Choose where you want to live. Downsizing as a philosophy of life the Tiny House Trend

The Tiny House Project

Downsizing as a philosophy of life the Tiny House Trend

Downsizing, which can be translated with the German term Gesundschrumpfens, is a holistic approach. The aim is not only an ecological way of life, but also to concentrate on the essentials.

Increasing living space means more costs and more work. The Tiny House aims to limit the living space to what its occupants really need. This saves costs and time.

In short, less effort for maintenance, more freedom to live.

Owners who buy a Tiny House gain financial freedom by significantly reducing the cost of living.

This trend developed in the USA, mainly in California first. But in the meantime also in Europe and especially in Germany more and more people have the desire for downsizing as a philosophy of life.

Ecological living is increasingly important in times of climate change. According to a study by the American Colby University, a Tiny House with 17 sqm produces only 7% of the CO2 emissions of one with an American size with 241 sqm:

CO2 emission of a house: with 241 qmTiny House 17 qm
Heating:3.628 kg 253 kg
Electricity: 7.257 kg519 kg
Cooling:1.814 kg130 kg
Total:12.699 kg902 kg

In the USA, the following regulation on "Tiny Houses" was anchored in the building law in 2017:

A dwelling with up to 400 "square feet" of floor space (excluding the lofts). Generally speaking, houses with the equivalent of 37 square feet or less are considered "tiny". After all, especially in the USA, the difference in size compared to average-sized single-family homes is immense.

Can you imagine yoursel,
living in a Tiny House?

...they say the view is fantastic
and the peace is benefitial for your health.


Here you can see a simplified sketch to get an idea of the outer dimensions.

Built with german precision and sustainable building materials

Our Tiny House is built with extreme precision. We build your Tiny House to specific dimensions so that it meets your wishes and fits on a trailer. We use ecological and sustainable materials. Solar panels on the roof provide electricity, and thanks to our innovative high-tech insulation you save even more on heating. Even though the house is tiny, it is really amazing how efficiently and cleverly the space is used.



Small on the outside, surprisingly spacious on the inside

A Tiny House offers all the functional rooms you would expect from a real house, we just have to be a little more intelligent and efficient in how we use the available space. Sliding doors, intelligent storage compartments, a foldable desk are just some of the details that make our Tiny House look bigger than you would expect.


Good reasons to opt for a
a Tiny House

Trailer transportable

Solar powered

FSC-certified wood

Intelligent technology

High-Tech insulation


Your dream of the Tiny House is waiting for you. Let's talk.